Friday 23 October 2009

23 October - Red Sea coast

We started early morning at Al Hodeidah fish market to see gulls and terns, but of course, also experience the market itself. Caotic, but interesting to see all these fishes, rays and sharks. After that we visited an area with several sewageponds which held numerous waders, chlidonias and about 1700 Lesser Flamingos and perhaps 60 Greater ones. A few years ago it was the opposite numbers, perhaps it can be due to the extreme dry season in Northeastern Africa. We continued along the coast to Al Hudeidah wetlands and then to Saliff. On the latter site we scanned the strait between mainland and the island Kamaran (second largest after Socotra in Yemen waters). We had lunch along a bay with low tide enjoying Crab Plovers and other waders. In late evening we tried a site for Nubian Nightjar, but found an European Nightjar instead. We ended the day with a dinner, the last one in Al Hudeidah. Tomorrow we are going to Taizz via Al Mukha (Mocha).

Sightings: Ferriginous Duck (2), Dark Chanting Goshawk (1), Crab Plover (41), Lesser and Greater Plover (numerous), Terek Sandpiper (20), White-eyed Gull (30), Sooty Gull (60), terns such as Gull-billed, Caspian, Lesser Crested, Swift, Saunder's (1), Whiskered and White-winged Black Tern, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse (12), Palm and Little Swift, Black-crowned Sparrow-lark (30), Hoopoe Lark (1).

This is the last evening with wireless Internet connection, so we will see when we will be able to update the blog next time.


"How much for this shark?" Al Hudeidah fish market. Photo: Niklas Holmström.
A beautiful adult White-eyed Gull. Photo: Ulf Ståhle.A 'most wanted' Crab Plover seen at Al Urj. Photo: Ulf Ståhle.

A relaxing view during our lunch at Al Urj. Photo: Niklas Holmström.Seawatching at Saliff didn't produce any seabirds. Photo: Niklas Holmström.
A happy Striated Heron at Saliff. Photo: Ulf Ståhle.

Last dinner in Al Hudeidah. Yousuf had his kids along too. Photo: Niklas Holmström.


Mattias Olsson, Landskrona said...

Riktigt kul att följa er resa. Hoppas att jag får möjlighet att komma dit någon gång, det verkar vara ett härligt land. Skåda på!

Kristoffer Nilsson said...

Härligt att ni verkar ha det bra och vilka bilder! Det ser fantastiskt ut. Alt godt!

Andy Paterson said...

Very envious of yo all, a great trip with great birding and photos to match.