Monday 19 October 2009

19 October - A day with endemics

Today we did visit Kawkaban, which is a famous birding site with several endemic birds. Right now Ulf and I updating the site from a small Internet cafe, after a lovely dinner and late in the evening. No time for stories this evening. We have to sleep soon. To cut a long day story short. The special sightings as follows: Arabian Partridge (1), Philby's Partridge (3), Hamerkop (1), Bonelli's Eagle (2), Dusky Turtle Dove (30), Arabian Woodpecker (3), Blandford's Lark (40), Brown Woodland Warbler (1), Yemen Trush (1), Red-breasted Wheatear (40), South Arabian Wheatear (40), Little Rock Trush (3), Arabian Waxbill (2), Arabian Accentor (1), Arabian Serin (60), Yemen Serin (40), Yemen Linnet (15) and Striolated Bunting (1). That's all from us today. Tomorrow we will do Al Mahweet and surroundings. Cheers from the Yemen Party and Yousuf.

Arabian Woodpecker at Sarhat Mahal. Photo: Ulf Stahle.Little Rock Thrush at Sarhat Mahal. Photo: Ulf Stahle.

Hadramaut Agama at Kawkaban. Photo: Ulf Stahle.

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